PC-DMIS 2012 Technical Preview Download Request

Thank you for your interest in the Technical Preview of PC-DMIS 2012. The Technical Preview is intended to provide those users who are interested a chance to experience the upcoming version several weeks ahead of the general release. It also offers the opportunity for the development team to quickly review and respond should an urgent issue be encountered. If you do have a problem, please follow the normal procedure and report it to technical support, but also mention that you are participating in the Technical Preview of PC-DMIS 2012. This will assure priority treatment. This Technical Preview is suitable for the following products: PC-DMIS CMM PC-DMIS PORTABLE for ARMS LASER TRACKERS PC-DMIS VISION PC-DMIS OFFLINE Please fill out the request form below. Once your request has been approved, you will be emailed the link to the download location; also, if you are registered with the PC-DMIS Forum and you supply your forum user name, you will be included in a new forum area to discuss the '. Technical Preview . '. Your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) must be up to date in order to install and use this ' . Technical Preview .'. http://www.pcdmis.com/request-technical-preview


PC-dmis V3.7飘过~~
PC-DMIS 2012 SP1 已经发布